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About Us

Skalene are a team of dedicated engineers ideally located in the heart of the innovative technology arena, Cambridge UK. The team brings together a broad skill set that together form the ability to provide a streamlined solution to challenges in technology. Our portfolio consists of collaboration with both large and small companies where Skalene has become actively involved with internal projects. Skalene has successfully taken these projects from concept through the design phase to final product and/or application. Skalene appreciates that solutions to challenges come in many forms such as cost sensitive, time critical, future proof and sustainable for production and are able to meet those needs.

Microchip Design Partners

Skalene are proud to be Authorized Design Partners for Microchip in the Cambridge area. As a consequence Skalene has experience with many Microchip application areas from RF connectivity and TFT graphics solutions to fine-tuned battery powered handheld equipment. As an MDP we have priority technical support benefiting our customers with faster time-to- market. Please call us for further information.
Designing Innovative Technology For Tomorrow